AstroDomina - Mummification Therapy

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You're someone who thinks that being helpless under someone's total control is great for one's mental health. That's why you came to Sydney the therapist! And she recommends your special kind of bondage therapy: mummification in tape. It involves lying down and being completely bound in layers of tape from head to feet. She will also put tape over my mouth, sealing it shut tightly. Being gagged is an essential part of the therapy, since part of being helpless is the inability to communicate. Sydney is experienced in this and have treated other patients extensively with this method. She thinks you should join them for some group therapy. You get surprised when she tapes your wrists to the armrests, then putting tape on your mouth. After Sydney wraps you up, she admires her work and comments on how completely encased you are. She then reveals another part of your therapy while showing off her bare feet. She left your feet bare and unwrapped because she also likes to perform tickle-torture on your patients. Laughter is good for your health and foot tickling is a great way to induce it. Sydney decides to put tape over your eyes too. It'll add to your helplessness and enhance the therapy.
asian goddess, ball and cock tickling, female domination, female supremacy, tape bondage