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You want to show me how devoted you are? Let's lock up your cock and see how you deal with that! ---------- As Sydney's devoted slave, there is something you have never done for your Goddess. And that's being put in chastity. Sydney takes chastity very seriously and as such, she has determined that you're going to be locked up into your first ever chastity cage. And you will have to endure it no matter how hard it will become. When she locks you up, your manhood will be locked away for however long she sees fit. Three days, a week, a month. Whatever it takes to teach you discipline. Take a look at that chastity device. You'll soon find out that when you get a hard on, it will hurt. So keep your boner in check! Also, you will have to pee while wearing it. Deal with it. And make sure Sydney's chastity cage stays clean. And when you are having a hard time enduring the experience, just remind yourself that Sydney has the key and there is really nothing you can do to get release. So just suck it up. And make your Goddess proud. She owns your cock now. And she controls the freedom of your manhood.
asian, chastity devices, key holding & chastity, slave training, tease & denial