AstroDomina - Shrink and Cum for Us

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There is a reason why you're here. It's because Katelyn and I have finally decided it's time for you to impress us. As you know, we're both only into girls, but today you can show us what you have. There is a consequence for failure though. See this device? It's a shrinking device. You have to agree to be shrunk by both of us. After that, you have to do whatever it is we want you to do. Alright, you agree? You know there is no turning back right once we make you tiny. Alright, here we go!Ooh - look at that tiny man. I wonder what's inside those pants? Shall we take a look Katelyn? Let's jerk off his little mini dick and see what happens. I've never jerked off a shrunken tiny man before. I wonder how much he can cum!
asian goddess, double domination, giantess, shrinking fetish, vore