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A remake of a classic. Watch my first ever collaboration with Giantess Katelyn! ---------- Katelyn is very excited to visit her major girl crush, Sydney. She was invited over for a girl's night out. But it looks like Sydney is planning something devious for Katelyn. Upon entry, Sydney gave Katelyn some magical water that shrinks humans when they orgasm. Katelyn confessed that she's lesbian and Sydney has been her all time crush. Slowly getting turned on, they both wanted to explore more about their sexuality. Sydney brought out her little toy and played with Katelyn, bringing her to orgasm!Katelyn felt a tingling pleasurable sensation which started her unnoticeable shrinking process. The cunning Sydney saw that the magical water is working and kept masturbating Katelyn until she was completely shrunken. Mortified, Katelyn tried to escape from Sydney's evil clutches but it looks like Sydney had this planned all along. She teased her "first female snack" and it turns out, females are sweeter than tiny men! There's no turning back for Katelyn. Sydney starts to tease Katelyn with her tongue and devours her completely
asian, giantess, girl girl, lesbian domination, shrinking fetish