AstroDomina - SIZING UP TINY

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I've been called a size queen before. But if you're so short that my heels could crush you, I'll have to find other uses for you. ------------ You get to meet your co-worker Sydney on your first day at the new firm. She immediately brings up the elephant in the room. You're short. Like really short. She seems to be a little concerned about your well being and potentially getting hurt, especially considering the high heels she wears. She asks you how tall, or short, you are, and decided to measure for herself. She brings out the measuring tape and sure enough, she confirms you're only 28 inches tall. She adds a little mark on the wall to show you just how short you are and how low you would end up being next to her. After a few minutes of mocking you, Sydney takes off her shoes and tells you to come worship her feet
asian, body part comparison, giantess, height humiliation, office domination