AstroDomina - Slave Training: Dinner is Served


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A male slave is kneeling in a corner, collared, blindfolded, gagged. Sydney prepares a pre-chewed meal for the slave in his very own man bowl. She chews a banana and spits it out in his bowl. She goes through a few types of food: gummy bears, pop tarts, chocolate fudge. Every time, she starts to chew the foods one by one and spits the chewed food into the bowl. What a feast of pre-chewed foods. Sydney removes her slave's gag and blindfold and binds his hands together behind his back. She spits in his face and starts feeding the slave. As she verbally intimadates the slave, she makes him eat all of the pre-chewed mixture. When half of the bowl is empty she drops the food on the floor and orders the slave to crawl to the pile. With her boot on the slaves head she yells to the slave to lick it up completely.
asian goddess, female domination, food stuffing, humiliation, spitting

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