AstroDomina - The Dream of a Tiny Fool

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Can this little man survive my tits and ass all over his little body? Are you sure that you're ready? You didn't believe me that I could shrink you, but here you are, on my bed, tiny and helpless before me! We had a deal little man and there is no backing out from it! If you can survive being smothered beneath my giagantic tits and my big ass then I will unshrink you and let you go free. However, if you end up totally crushed and smothered beneath me then I will never let you go! You'll stay my shrunken play thing forever! Are you ready to beging? Take a deep, deep breath because you won't find any air with our face pressed against my big, soft breasts. This is just a warm up though, the real test will be smothering you with my ass! Can you handle my weight crushing you while my big ass swallows you up? I guess we'll find out. Good luck little man...
ass smooshing, ass squishing, breast smothering, giantess, shrinking fetish