AstroDomina - UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT - Part 2

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Part 2 of the series. Check out Part 1 first! You can find Part 3 here! ----------- After overpowering AJ, Sydney now has both the slave girl and AJ bound and gagged at her disposal. She carries AJ in over her shoulder and places her next to slave girl. The shrewd entrepreneur she is, Sydney now has two prized properties to offer the slavers. She ensures both are bound and gagged tightly and proceeds to play with them at length, groping boobs, pinching nipples, making sure their pussies are nice and tight. Then it's time to get to business. She fields a phone call from an interested buyer. It won't take long to find a taker for these two hot women. Especially a former Domme like AJ
asian, bondage, femdom, gags, groping