AzureSkyFilms - Christy Love: Rendezvous With Love

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This video plays on a name: Christy Love. It is a rendezvous with Christy “Love” and it is a rendezvous with love between two people. The love between two people who have long had feelings for one another but until now were unable to consummate their affections. Christy’s grandfather, Frank and Harry Grey were best friends in the Army. They had each other’s back in Vietnam. Two years after Christy was born Frank was seriously ill with cancer. Before he died Frank asked his son to make Harry her Godfather. A few weeks before Frank died, Harry became Christy’s Godfather. Christy took to Harry as her Godfather and they quickly became best friends. As Christy grew up Harry became her confidante. As Christy matured into a beautiful teenager Harry faced a conflict. He and Christy had feelings for one another that shouldn’t exist between a teenager and her Godfather. When Christy was 14 Harry decided to move away rather than risk an unwise intimacy with this beautiful teenager. As the years went by Harry and Christy remained close. Talking and texting frequently, sending photo’s back and forth. Christy married but divorced. Harry married but his wife died from cancer. Their difficulties led them closer emotionally if not physically. Almost by accident they recently discovered a mutual interest in BDSM. Christy was intrigued by BDSM but not experienced. Harry had been in the life for a number of years. Today, quite by coincidence, they found themselves visiting San Diego on the same weekend. Deciding to meet a rendezvous was arranged. A “rendezvous with love” in every sense of the phrase. There was a knock on the door of the room. Opening the door Harry said, “Hi Christy”. She replied softly, “Hi Harry”. “It’s wonderful to see you again”. Harry replied, “yes, it’s time. Finally.” Christy laughed quietly. Awkwardly, they stepped together. Slowly they embraced and kissed. The rendezvous, years in the making, was a reality. It is every man’s fantasy to slowly undress a beautiful woman, to touch her, fondle and caress her and then make love to her. This was Harry’s fantasy come true in the guise of his goddaughter and the long delayed rendezvous with love. Harry and Christy embrace and kiss. Harry softly caresses her body and then slowly undresses her. As she bends over the bed Harry gently fingers her. With Christy naked and inviting Harry undresses. Christy gets on her knees and gives Harry a soft, highly erotic blowjob. Wanting more Harry eases Christy up on the bed and begins to fuck her standing missionary style. Harry asks Christy to sit on him cowgirl style so she can fuck him while he watches her. Now Christy steps off Harry and lubes her anus. Harry lubes his cock and then lies back down again. Christy backs up to him in a reverse cowgirl style and slowly slides her ass down on his cock. Now Christy gives herself a delicious anal fuck. After a while Harry reaches around to fondle her clit while she sits with his cock up her ass. Christy enjoys a wel...
Petite, Small Tits, Anal, Oral Sex, Older Man / Younger Women