AzureSkyFilms - Lacie Luvcox Toyed, Fucked and Flogged


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This clip is “Clip Safe” but the video itself is “Not Clip Safe” or NCSF Lacie Luvcox is an attractive MILF whose dominant personality must be controlled and modified. In the video Lacie plays a disobedient wife whose husband enlists two old guys, Harry Grey and Bryce Masters, as “trainers” to modify her behavior. Using the pleasure reward, pain punish, system Lacie’s behavior is gradually modified for the better. At least for her husband’s benefit. Harry and Bryce give Laci a break and she is released from the rack and bent over a couch. When she is bent over the couch Lacie is given a lube job as Bryce injects her cunt with a dose of extra lubrication. With that done Lacie is first pleasured by finger fucking and then Harry fucks her in a standing doggy style position. When Harry is done, he and Bryce step up the pace. Bryce uses a large dildo to fuck Lacie while Harry not only applies the flogger to her back but adds some spice by fondling her clit. Lacie’s knees buckle under the triple action and she moans with pleasure. From the video: Behavior Mod 2, Directors Cut Contact for ordering information Also available at:
MILF, Flogging, Doggystyle, Fingering, Big Tits