Bambie Doll - Dirty Dolly

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Bambie Doll
It's a beautiful day in late May, and Dolly decides to ask Daddy if they can go to the park to play! They head down the street and into the park and find a wooded path to walk down, where Dolly decides to pull up her shirt and show off her cute little tits for you! Soon enough she find a mud puddle shes just *dying* to play around in. She takes off her shoes and socks and steps down in the wet, cold mud. It seeps through her toes as she sinks deeper into the squishy dirt, giggling as she stomps around. After getting real dirty, Daddy decides its time for us to head home and get just a little more dirty. Dolly gives you a really nice upskirt shot, as they walk home, so you can see right up to her white cotton panties. Once they get home, Dolly takes of her shoes and, ever so slowly, pulls off her socks to show all the dirt and dried mud still on her feet and realizes she really wants to touch herself. She strips off her panties revealing her soft cunt, she continues to remove the rest of her clothes while showing off her dirty toes and then Daddy hands her a vibrator to finish herself off. With dirty feet and a dirty mind, frantically rubbing the vibrator up and down her clit she finally cums. She thanks her Daddy for taking her to the park and getting her nice and dirty, and then scampers off to the bath to clean her muddy little feet. ~the first couple minutes of this video were filmed from my phone & are of lesser quality, i wasn't aware of this until I'd started editing the footage. Thanks for understanding
age play, dirty feet, foot fetish, public flashing, kink