briellajaden111 - Bitch Bestie Gets Nerve Pinch Punishment


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Vanessa is such a bitch. She was living in my house, and not doing a damn thing. Instead all she did was party and live off of me. I was sick of it. And to top things off I recently found out she slept with my man! It wasn't the first time either. Why I was friends with this bitch I had no idea. But things were about to change. I decide to give her a nerve pinch and ko the bitch. Down she goes, and I play with her limp limbs. I do lots of ragdolling, making her slap herself, pulling her up just to drop her back down. She wakes up, but not for long when I easily ko her again. I position and reposition her, and look under her eyes to the whites. She is so fun to make limp. It's not all fun and games, sometimes a little limp revenge is just what the doctor ordered
Damsel in Distress, Real Doll, Lesbian Domination, Domination

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