Cattie - Daddy's Lil Stripper Anal Creampie

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You've shown up at the strip club to discover your little girl is one of the dancers... You take her into the VIP lounge to confront her. Embarrassed, your daughter covers herself up with her hands and the curtains. Rambling on to you about how you always tell her to get a job and that it's paying the bills. She can't always be daddy's little girl, right? You never want to help her anymore anyhow... Wait! You do? Well... I could still use some financial help... You'll give me the money?! You never just give me the money... What's the catch? You explain to your darling daughter that you'll give her assistance if she gives you the backroom extras. She claims she doesn't offer that... BUT... that is a lot of money and she could really use it... So... what do you want then, Daddy? A little blowjob? No? Then?? You want to see the butt plug I'm wearing? You were already checking me out! Daddy... that's soo weird! But... ok... just remember: no touching the dancers! I'll add to your tab every time 1 of your hands touches me. Uncomfortable, she slowly bends over in front of you. Spreading her ass for you to get a close up view of the plug tightly nested into her little asshole. Thinking she'll get off that easy, she scurries to sit back down and asks for her money. But you want more. She's really gonna have to work for this chunk of change and make Daddy proud! Video entails: taboo daddy/daughter roleplay (dad/daddy roleplay), stripper/strip club role play, butt plug, brief ass shaking/strip tease/striptease, tit squeezing, close ups/smell fetish, anal dildo riding/dildo fucking/solo female, POV/virtual fuck views, Daddy's girl dirty talk & anal creampie with close up pushing out cum.
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