Cattie - My Prayers Heard: Crucifix Fucking

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Everyone in the convent is finally resting. I strip of these rags and fawn over Father. I know it's wrong, Lord... But older men have always gotten me so hot! And you know my shameful past... With my reputation, what do you expect? A hidden photograph of the pastor hidden under my pillow; nightly I stare at it and masturbate to the thought of all the naughty fun we could have. Tonight... Either the Lord has answered my prayers or Father knows my dirty secret! A crucifix dildo appears hidden under my pillow as I go to put the Pastor's photo away. Idk if I'm being tested... But I'll take my chances! Dirty talk all the way through about what I would want to do to/have the Pastor do to me as we fucked for the first time until I have a creamy cum
Authority Figures, Dirty Talking, Religious, Role Play, Voyeur