CleoDivine - Cleos ABDL Transformation


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Cleo wakes up confused and surrounded by stuffies. She has a paci in her mouth and she is wearing a frilly yellow dress fit for a baby. She quickly removes her dress only to find she is wearing a diaper! Cleo is shocked and worried on how she ended up in such a peculiar situation but you are there to calm her down. With your help she realizes how comforting her diaper feels. She begins to giggle and play, enjoying the feeling of padding on her little girl parts.Seeing how excited Cleo is getting, you give her a surprise. You tell her to reach behind one of her stuffies. She does as she's told and she finds a vibrator! She runs the buzzy toy over her body and stops on top of her diaper. She is shocked at how good it feels over her padding. So happy to have you watching her and guiding her, she bring her self to orgasm and cums in her diaper. Little Cleo is so happy to be such a small and helpless baby for you! Includes: teen girl, brown hair, small tits, diapers, abdl, age regression, age play, adult baby, masturbation, ebony
18 & 19 Yrs Old, Age Play, Age Regression, Assisted masturbation, Diaper Fetish