Conor Coxxx - Charity Love: Big Dick Cheat Fuck


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Charity is playfully kicking her feet, laying on her bed and talking on the phone. She asks her husband if he has a minute to talk… She really needs to get something off her chest. She’s sick and tired of being his housemaid, without pleasing her in return. He’s never even given her an orgasm! She’s tired of pleasing his tiny little cock with nothing in return. Charity tells him there’s a million guys that would love to fuck her. She tells him to not even come home tonight…and hangs up the phone. She’s excited by the thought of finally being home alone, she can pleasure herself right and doesn’t need her horrible, selfish husband. Charity rips her pants right off..And begins to pleasure herself. “He never did this to me! I can’t wait to have a big cock in my pussy!’ She rubs her fingers over her clit, and licks her juices off of them. Charity puts her feet behind her head and starts vigorously rubbing her clit. She stretches her legs up, and begins to lick her own nipples. “Who the fuck is at the door?!” Charity answers the door confused and naked, “Clark, what the fuck…Wait, Huh?” Conor barges in the front door..”Would you like to buy a magazine….Woah, Holy fuck! I don’t know who Clark is.. But if you want to fuck, I’m down.” Charity snickers to herself.. “If you have a master cock, then we can talk..but if you don’t, then I don’t think so. I’m dying to cum.” Conor smirks, “Let’s talk” They walk upstairs and get undressed. “My husband can’t know… This is what I call a cock!” Charity begins sucking Conor as he fingers her. Conor starts to lick Charity as she continues to suck his cock. “You wanna get fucked?”…”Yeah give me that massive cock.” Conor shoves himself inside of Charity and starts to fuck her. Charity finishes him off by sucking him as he faces her massive tits, and cums all over her face. “Thank you so much for your massive cock!” Conor asks who Clark was.. And Charity admits it is her husband. “What?! Your husband?” Conor quickly retreats and runs out of the door, leaving Charity naked and alone
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