Conor Coxxx - Dakota Charms: Sweet N Slobbery Candy BJ


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Your adorable geeky girlfriend, Dakota, walks in your bedroom dressed in a sexy little two piece, and you notice she has something in her hand.. She explains she brought an assortment of candies.. and today, she wants to try them out on your cock! She slowly starts sucking the tip, rubbing it with her lollipop. She takes in your cock and the sucker.."Just like a Lollipop!" she teasingly says in excitment. Dakota circles your cock with the Lolli.. tempting and teasing you more and more. She reaches for something else.. And she pulls out Poprocks! She pours the popping candy into her mouth and starts sucking you off..What a tingling sensation! You are driven wild by the popping, tingling, who knew your favorite candy could be this pleasing? She slobbers all over your huge cock, making bubbles with her spit.. Sucking and jerking you, all while she enjoys her sweet candy. She turns so you can face her glorious ass, teasing you from behind while stroking your cock. Facing you again, Dakota starts slobbing her spit all over you. She pours the rest of the Popping candy in her mouth, getting ready for the big finish. Dakota ch0kes on your icing as it drips down her throat! What a sweet girl you have...
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