Conor Coxxx - Emmy Lynn: Facesitting


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Emmy Lynn walks in to Conor playing on his phone. “What are you doing! Do you not remember what today is?” Conor looks confused, as Emmy yells that it’s their anniversary. “Why aren’t you paying attention to me? Do I have to be right in your face to get your attention?” Emmy throws Conor on the bed. She knows what will make him pay attention. Emmy jumps on top of Conor’s face and begins to smoother him with her pussy. “This is what you get for not paying attention to me. Eat my fucking pussy!” Emmy for ces Conor to eat her pussy, while she rides his face. Conor begs for air, but Emmy doesn’t let up. She jumps up and down on his face, yelling for him to eat her pussy. “You like when I punish you.. Make you my little bitch!” Emmy grinds back and forth on Conor’s face, with a smile on her face. She jumps back and forth, changing positions on how she is boring Conor’s face in her pussy and ass. “Stick your tongue in deeper! Thats a good boy..” Emmy decides she is finished, and jumps off of Conor’s face… “ I guess next time, you won’t forget our anniversary
Face Sitting, Squash / Smother, Pussy Eating, Female Domination