Conor Coxxx - Emmy Lynn: Imposed Hitachi Orgasm


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Emmy Lynn is sitting on the bed as Conor walks in.. “Hey Babe! I got undressed, and got some lingerie for you. I also have the Hitachi..” Conor stops Emmy.. “Is that for me, or someone else?” Emmy looks startled, and asks what he’s talking about. Conor admits he’s seen all the text messages with the guys she has been talking to. Emmy is obviously doing something. Conor explains to Emmy that she must like the Hitachi more than him, and he grabs her throat as he puts the hitachi to her pussy. “Be a good little slut, and spread your legs.” Conor chokks Emmy harder, as he rubs the Hitachi mercilessly on her pussy. Conor turns up the Hitachi and holds Emmy down. Emmy cannot control cumming, and cums over and over again. She tries to fight it, and Conor holds her down. “Go on! Spread your legs and take it!” Conor for ces Emmy to spread her legs, and continues to hold her throat as he holds her down and for ces her to orgasm. Emmy begs for him to stop, and he only goes harder and more intense. Maybe next time she should think about being such a little slut… Conor spread open her lips, and places the Hitachi perfectly on her clit. Conor turns off the hitachi and asks if Emmy wants his dick. Conor takes off Emmy’s panties and slaps his cock on her pussy… Right before he puts it in.. He stops. “Maybe if you stop being such a whore.. You’ll get my dick again.” He leaves Emmy wanting and naked on the bed
Imposed Orgasms, Hitachi, Orgasms, Domination