Conor Coxxx - Marina Monteiro: Ritual Face Foot Fuckin


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Marina is a bitchy prep girl in South America with ambitions of power in mind. She wants the ability to control the minds of her classmates, so she secretly arranges to have a "ritual" performed that should give her the power that she seeks. Being in America and not knowing any English, she decides to meet up at the home of 2 cult members. Pentagram already on the ground, Marina already knows how the ritual works, as she was told to earlier by the cult members; they have to get her dressed in sexy nylons and the ceremonial corset, strap her onto the table, and chant a spell that will allow her to gain all the power she desires. She allows them to strip her down and put on the garb, but the cultists have something else in store for the model. As soon as she’s strapped down by the ropes, they begin to play with her body, and she realizes that they have lied to her! There’s no ritual, just a couple of horny men looking for a sex slave!She tries to fight against the bindings to no avail as the cult members continue to play with her. She screams at them, telling them she doesn't want to be part of the ritual anymore, but her pleas go unnoticed as her Spanish tongue has no effect on the English-speaking cult members. One member begins to finger fuck poor Marina, and her protesting is soon replaced with moans of pleasure. The other cultist decides to grab her feet and begins to worship them, licking and sucking on her toes and soles. Eventually, both cultists are at her feet, the hitachi left to the side. She's violently shaking from the pleasure, still begging the men to let her go, but they instead both worship her feet before they use her feet to run on their dicks. She cries out at how disgusting the men are at her feet, telling them to get away, but they rub harder and harder. Marina eventually kicks her feet around, hitting the men's cocks a bit. She needs to be punished! One man is tickling her feet and scratching at them, while the other forrces his cock into her mouth. The two's actions work, and the bitchy prep girl lays back and enjoys the men’s cocks.The men then go back to using her feet on their dicks. One man lets go of the foot he's using, letting the other use both feet, while the first man slaps Marina in the face with his cock for a bit. Then he forrces it down her throat and face fucks her roughly while the pervert at her feet fucks her feet until he climaxes all over her toes and soles. The other man takes his cock out of her mouth, and she gasps, visibly disgusted with the cum on her feet. Then the two untie her, and forrce her to lick up the cum off of her feet. She cries out, and begs them not to forrce her, until the physically start to forrce her to lick. She eventually acquiesces, and licks the cum off of her feet. The scene ends as the men tie her back up and leave her there, begging to be released.THE SCENE IS 28 MINUTES LONG, NOT 30 MINUTES. THE REMAINING 2 MINUTES ARE JUST BLACK SPACE.
Domination, Bondage Sex, Bondage, Face Fucking, Sole Fucking