Conor Coxxx - Nadia White: Taboo Virtual Sex


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You and your friend are chatting while scrolling through their news feeds.. You both agree that although there is a lot of fucked up stuff going on in the world, there is one thing to be thankful for.. American girls! Your buddy speaks up, “Speaking of girls.. I like girls like your sister, too. She’s a good American girl!” You, slightly offended, ask your friend to repeat what he just said. He says he is just playing with you, although she has a nice butt. Your friend then tells you that he has to go make a run, and he will be back in 15 minutes. After he leaves, your sister Nadia walks out in bra and panties. Nadia thinks since you two are finally alone for a little while… it would be a shame to waste it! Nadia begins to suck your - her brother’s! - cock, and tells you how much she has missed your alone time. Nadia takes off her purple bra, and you play with her tits. “I like your tits, sis!” Nadia begins to give you a boob-job with her giant breasts. Nadia continues to suck your cock for a while.. and then lays back and takes off her panties. “I know what else you missed..” Nadia spreads open her legs, and lets her brother shove his cock inside of her. You fuck your sister while she moans underneath you. Nadia gets on her knees, and looks back as you fuck her from behind. Suddenly your friend walks back in the door, and is blown away! “Dude, that’s your sister!” You tells him he can’t tell anybody, and he tells you he thinks its fucked up. Your friend then blackmails you until making his runs now, or else he will tell everyone that your fucked your own sister
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