Conor Coxxx - Olivia Kasady: Suds & Strokes


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Olivia wants her boyfriend to wash her hair for her.. and is willing to trade something in return. She grabs his cock, and begins to stroke him while he shampoos her hair. She rubs her fingers over his cock, as he runs his fingers through her hair. “Get it all nice and soapy!” Olivia strokes faster and faster with both of her hands.. Pleasing her boyfriend properly, for caring for her. He pours more shampoo and starts to lather her hair, as she rubs him more and more. Olivia strokes her boyfriend’s cock, begging for his cum. “Cum all over my tits!” He releases all over her perky little tits, leaving cum dripping down her body. Olivia continues to wash out her hair.. Happy to have pleased her boyfriend, and get exactly what she wanted
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