Conor Coxxx - Olivia Kasady: Taboo Virtual Sex


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You bumps into your sister, Olivia, in the hall..And her nipple has slipped out of her hot pink shirt! “Woah! You have a bit of a nip-slip there, sis.” Olivia covers herself, “I hate this shirt…” and walks into her room. You peek through your sister’s door, and see her laying on the bed…with no bottoms on! Olivia is playing with herself! You can see your sister clearly fingering herself through the door. You bust in the door, “Hey, do you want help with your homewo-…..Wow. What were you doing?” Olivia tells you, her brother, she wasn’t doing anything. You tells Olivia you bet she hooks up with all the guys at school. Olivia tells you that she hasn’t even been with one.. And you suggest that maybe she should get a little experience first. You can teach her a thing or two. Olivia resists at first, but you threaten to tell your parents if she doesn’t. Olivia begins to remove your pants, and suck your cock. “Am I doing a good job?” Olivia continues to lick and suck her brother’s cock.. Loving every moment of it. You tell Olivia to lay back, as you shove your cock inside of her. Olivia moans and cries out how big her brother’s cock is inside of her. Olivia takes off her shirt, and pulls her legs back so you can fuck her deeper. Olivia flips over and you fuck her from behind. You cum inside your sister, “Don’t worry, you can’t get pregnant from the first time!” Olivia is thankful that she lost it to her brother, and thinks she is ready to take on more cocks
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