Conor Coxxx - Olivia Kasady: Toys In Her Tight Ass


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Olivia is gazing out of the bedroom window.. Dressed in nothing but a tiny tank top, skirt, and heels. She slowly struts around the room, and walks over to her bedside dresser… where she has toys laid out. She turns on her Hitachi wand, to make sure its working properly. Olivia gets comfy in her bed, and begins to slowly strip off her top. Olivia takes off her heels, one by one.. and throws them across the room. She stands, and pulls off her tiny skirt. Olivia is left wearing a tiny pink lingerie outfit. She pulls down each side of the tiny top slowly, before taking it off completely. She rubs and tugs at her nipples, and turns around to show off her glorious ass. She carefully unbuttons each side of her garter belt from her fishnets, and takes off the garter. Olivia teases as she pulls down each side of her pink thong. Completely naked, She climbs on the bed, and begins to play with herself. She lays back and begins to explore herself with her fingers. Olivia grabs a small anal plug, and gets it nice and wet. She shoves the plug inside of her ass, and continues to pleasure herself with her fingers. She moans in pleasure as she rubs her clit, and hold in the plug tightly. Olivia grabs the plug, and thrust it in and out of her ass. She gets up, and bends over the bed doggy style. Olivia continues to fuck herself int he ass with her anal plug. Crying out as she pushes it in even farther. She cums as she rubs her clit and shoves the plug in her ass
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