Conor Coxxx - Payton Hall: I Only Wanna Fuck You, Mom


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Conor is sitting on his bed, when his Mom walks in. She misses Conor now that he’s at school, and is making sure that he’s doing okay. She ask if he has missed home, if he’s doing okay, and if he has found a girlfriend yet. Conor admits he has been doing great, and hasn’t found a girlfriend yet….But there is something he can’t get off his mind. “I’ve been thinking about what we have done… Remember when we had sex?” Conor’s Mom giggles, “I thought we weren’t going to talk about that anymore, remember?” Conor really enjoyed it, and doesn’t have much sex lately. She thought the experience would make him want to have sex with other women, but apparently it did not. His Mom admits she’s pregnant, and that Conor may be expecting a little brother or sister. Conor’s mom thinks they shouldn’t do anything- But Conor has other plans. He begins to kiss his Mom, and kiss her neck. He gently rubs her breast, and pussy.. Until she gives in. Conor strips off her pants, and she pulls his cock out of his pants. She begins to suck his cock, working her lips around the tip. Conor begins to finger his mom, and she takes her shirt off. He fingers her again, as she sucks his cock. She lays back, and Conor shoves his cock inside her. “I love being penetrated by a man…Especially a man that’s my son!” Payton moans as Conor fucks her pussy. He leans her to the side, and begins to fuck her from the side. She bends over as Conor fucks her from behind, and screams out that she’s going to cum. Conor’s Mom then jumps on top, and begins to ride his cock. Conor cums all over her tits, “That was special
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