Conor Coxxx - Shelby Paris: Dad Leaves, We Fuck HD


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Shelby’s Dad is in the kitchen as Shelby and her boyfriend Conor walk in. Her Dad asks if they have any plans, and they say they are just staying in and watching Netflix. Shelby’s Dad tells them that he is planning on going to the store, and asks if they want anything. As he turns his back to put something in the oven… Shelby drops to her knees behind the kitchen counter. She pulls down Conor’s pants, and starts to suck his cock right there in the kitchen. Her Dad doesn’t notice, and Shelby keeps sucking as Conor and her Dad are talking. Shelby’s Dad says that he’s going to the store now, and as he turns his back…Shelby pops back up from behind the counter. “Woah, where did you come from?” Shelby giggles, “Oh, just the bathroom.” Her Dad leaves, and Conor and Shelby laugh and run upstairs to have more fun while her Dad is gone. They sit on the couch, and Conor starts to rub her through her shorts. Conor and Shelby strip off their clothes, and Conor starts to lick her wet pussy. Shelby sucks Conor’s cock.. deep throating every inch. Shelby climbs on top of Conor’s lap, and rides his cock. She bounces her ass up and down on him, then Conor flips her on her back. Conor thrusts in and out of Shelby’s tight pussy, as she lays back and moans in pleasure. Shelby lays to the side, and Conor continues to fuck her hard. Shelby bends over, and Conor fucks her from behind. Shelby’s face is pressed into the leather couch, as she moans while getting fucked deep and hard. She lays on the ground, and kicks her legs back…propping her ass on the couch. Conor fucks her deep, grabbing her asscheeks as he thrusts harder. Shelby bends over the couch again as Conor fucks her from behind. She tells Conor to cum on her ass, so he fucks her hard…and cums all over her ass cheek. “It feels so good on my ass!” They quickly get dressed before her Dad gets home, and sit on the couch just as he is walking in.
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