CricketRose - DICKBAT

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Henchperson #7 (CricketRose) was instructed to get information on the Bat, but she FAILED, and FUCKED THE BAT INSTEAD! Now her purple and green clad boss is pissed, and is gonna punish #7. Since she took the BAT'S DICK, now she has to take......the DICKBAT! The Boss needs help from her henchpeople to get even a magnum condom on this GIANT DILDO, but it finally fits and she shoves the dickbat into #7's mouth, gagging her. The Boss is a little worried the Bat might have boobytrapped #7's pussy, so she sends in Harley to investigate. Harley tries 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 fingers, but still can't decide, so just pushes their WHOLE HAND in! Guess there's no bomb. All the other henchpeople want a turn fingering #7's stretched out pussy, so they ALL go in at the same time! Finally Harley and the Boss start pushing the Dickbat into that pussy...eventually getting another henchpersons help! It GOES IN! #7 moans over it, the slut loves it! Wow. Boss asks if she will ever fuck the Bat again, and #7 agrees she loves the Dickbat much more. This video has a LOT of warmup/setup. Lots of banter before getting into the fisting/fingering at about 7 minutes in, finally getting to dickbat near the 14 minute mark. It's a wild ride! Do you wanna ride the Harley
Huge Dildo, Cosplay, Costume, Fisting, Bondage