DaceyHarlotXXX - POV Lift&Carry BJ: CartWheel Cumshot


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Feat. Dacey Harlot You and your Date, Dacey, are going out tonight! She has heels on as she stands next to you and she loves how much taller she is than you! You are so short next to her in these heels, Dacey flexes her muscles and talks about how she loves being bigger, stronger, and faster than you. Dacey scoops you up into a Cradle Carry, you're practically weightless in her arms and she barely breaks a sweat. It turns her on so much..and you as well! Dacey takes notice of your hard cock, pulls it out and strokes it, occasionally flexing her bicep. After a few minutes Dacey swings your legs around so you are in a Front Carry and you make out, Dacey occasionally flexing as she talks about how strong she is. Dacey puts you down on the ground again and Throat Lifts you with one arm, she has complete control over you as your feet dangle far from the ground. She sucks your dick for a few minutes in the throat lift before asking if you've ever been in a CartWheel Hold before? No?! Well today is your lucky day! Dacey flips you around so your feet are in the air, you stare up her dress at her pussy while she instructs you to cum in her mouth. Dacey is so strong, the strongest woman you have ever met...and she needs to have more lifting foreplay with you again soon
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lift & carry, pov, pov blowjob, strong women, weightlifting female

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