Delilah Dee - Navel Fun - You Will Cum From This One


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This is a custom clip, no names are used. "script: you would be in button down shirt...finger nails painted a shade of red (of your color of choice)….and thong or painties. you begin by undoing buttons of your shirt...stopping briefly at your nipples once they are exposed and say something like "do you like these sexy ass nipples" as you gently tug on them a few times (with pointer finger & thumb)….then turn around, lift the shirt up and say something like "how about this nice phat assssssssssss?" as your grab your ass and spread it apart...yum. "can you see my asshole peeking through my thong?" you your asshole winks at your viewers some...mmm hmm. now you turn back around and continue to undo the buttons of your shirt to expose your deeeeep asssss navelllllllllllllllllllllllll! "damn, look at that bulge in your pants" say as you being to circle your navel with your pointer finger, and then dive in...splash. "I see what you wanted all wanted to see my sexy, deeeeeep asss navel huh?" as you spread it apart and move close to camera so your viewers can look inside....mmm hmm! "you want to watch me finger fuck my navel don't you...while you stroke that big ass dick and cum inside my navel....can you do that for me? I want you to shoot a big ass....nice warm load of cum in my navel...give me every drop & fill my navel to the brim with your cum.....powwwwww...I want you to explode in my navellllllllllllllllll!" Now you start to finger fuck your navel....and also gently tug on/pull on the top lip/part of your navel with pointer finger & thumb (mmm hmmm, tug on that navel...looks sooooooooo fucking sexy)! Eventually squirt some lotion in your deep ass navel, and finger fuck the out of your navel with your pointer finger nice and slow (please make as many erotic sounds as your can with your pointer finger drilling deep in and out of your navel....that sounds sooooo gooooooode….mmmm hmmm). Spread your navel apart, let your viewers look inside....and say something like "imagine this was your you exploded inside my deeeep asss navel and filled it to the brim...and then watch it ooze down the sides of my you want to cum again for my sexy deeeep asss navel? go ahead, stroke that big ass dick of yours some more if you have too....fill my navel with some more cummmmmmmmmm...kapowww!" As you finally end with spreading your navel apart with a close up view of your navel saying "here's your target....hit the bullseye...and fill my deep ass navel up with your cum.....pow!" the end....big LOL! Few notes: 1. Please say navel throughout without sounding tooo robotic (i.e. "do you think my deep asss navel looks delicious? how would you like to tongue fuck the out of my navel?"….please use that verse somewhere in the clip referring to how your navel looks delicious & your viewers having chance to tongue fuck it...mmm hmm. 2. I'm in my 40' please make it grown and sexy by MOANING/role playing throu...
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