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I'm running for store of the year for the mv awards! You can vote every day for free (Twice a day! Once before and once after 5pm pst) and you can do paid donations to get special offers! A lot of which are only available and exclusive to this contest. Free voters will also be rewarded once 12 & 24 free votes have been made with free videos, photos, and etc. My offers can be found on: twitter as my pinned tweet, mv activity feed as my pinned post, and in MV flyer. There will be a new panty bundle every day that you can win by being the top donator of the day! This will be the panty in my contest photo for the day. There will be offers that only a few voters can get such as special panty bundles and more! Be quick to make sure you get yours if you want it! New content bundle includes 10 videos with my first threesome and everything else shown in this portion included. These videos will be $350 when put up on my store if purchased individually (will start posting them in Feb, however voting through the contest gets you the entire folder when you vote!) These videos will NEVER be on discount or obtainable through any other contest. This is your ONLY chance to get them as a bundle at a discounted rate! Thank you so much for supporting me! You will be able to purchase just about anything shown on my mv page such as pre filmed videos, custom videos (until JAN 15th) and store items at a discounted rate through the contest. I've gotten to create so many weird, different, and fun store items! I love making them and it makes me so happy to know that you love them too! Thank you for giving me an awesome creative outlet! Contest starts JAN 8th 8am pst and ends Jan 19th 7pm pst!
Threesome, Hula Hoop, Panty Fetish, Dancing, Behind The Scene