Ellie Brooks - DFW Knight morning double creampie


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Ellie Brooks
After my first night with DFW I finally fell out at 4am. By 9am the next day I found myself waking up in the bedroom of his suite craving it again. My pussy was sore, I had gotten no rest the night before but I needed him inside of me again ASAP. I went to the bathroom to get dressed and to my delight he was already up and dressed himself. Hubby woke up and grabbed the camera in time to catch us walking out on the balcony to take in the view of the skyline of the city. We came inside and I climbed on top of him on the sofa and began to slowly grind my pussy against his cock while wearing a corset and thigh highs. He pulled my tits out and began sucking them, twirling his tongue around my hard nipples before biting them gently, then a little harder. Then just hard enough that it began to hurt but made my pussy drip with anticipation. After some continued teasing in the living room we make our way to the bedroom. I told hubby after the night before that I’d have him pull out this time since I’m not on any form of birth control and I didn’t really want to take Plan B because of the side effects. We start making out as I’m rubbing his cock through his pants. A short time later he slips his pants off and I slip his cock into my mouth slowly. Drawing it back inch by inch into my throat. I’ve always been told I give amazing blowjobs and a few minutes in when he has to stop me so I didn’t make him cum that was further validation of what every other guy who’s cock has been in my mouth has ever told me lol. I lay on my back as he slowly slips my panties off, exposing my dripping wet pussy. He begins devouring it. Making me cum over and over and all the while all I can think about is how bad I want his thick cock inside of my pussy. Slowly stretching me out as he slips balls deep inside of me. After he’s done making me cum several times by eating my pussy he slides up and begins kissing me, I love tasting my pussy on his lips. I suck my pussy juices off of his tongue. I don’t even do that after hubby goes down on me lol. He continues kissing me as he’s teasing my pussy by gently grazing his head of his cock against my eager, soaking wet pussy lips. He eventually slips in and immediately I remember why I had a sleepless night the night before and why I’d continue to have them night after night if I could. He dumps his first load in me just as hubby returns from getting a beverage at the vending area down the hall. He has to walk past the housekeepers that had already...
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