ElwynCiel - Giantess Crushes You with Her Big Ass


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I accidentally drop my lipstick and when I bend down to pick it up, I notice something moving around on the floor. I can't tell what it is at first but upon closer inspection I realize that it's a little man. YOU. I laugh at you and wonder what a tiny guy does all day and I become increasingly suspicious. Did you see me trying on lingerie earlier? I threaten to crush you with my giant foot, but your comment on how big my butt is catches me off guard. Since you love my enormous ass so much, I crush you with it and use you as a butt plug. Somehow you survive. You're so much fun to play with, so I decide to put you inside my gigantic, hairy pussy and see how long you can last in there. When you somehow manage to find your way out, your tiny little body is covered in my pussy juice. Now what am I gonna do with you? I could always crush you with my colossal foot, but I choose to let you explore my body. You hop on my foot and climb up my huge thighs, all the way to the top of my head, and you do something very unexpected
Giantess, Giants, Ass Fetish, Big Butts, Ass Spreading