Emmas Secret Life - My boyfriends dog makes me his bitch 2

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This is squeal to My boyfriends dog makes me his bitch. It has been a few months since the first ordeal and you have since broken up with your boyfriend for certain reasons.  You are at home and receive a phone call.  It is your ex, and he needs to come by and pick up a few things that he left there.  Reluctant to have to have him, you decide fine and tell him to hurry.  He gets there, and you let him in.  After being inside a few moments you hand him a box of the things he need to pick up.  As he is about to leave, he says he has something important to show you.  He pulls out his phone and to your surprise/horror it is a video of his dog and you.  You are shocked and beg him to get rid of it.  He laughs and says why would he that?  You beg and ask him what he wants so he wouldn't show anyone.  Your ex says the only way he will not show anyone is if Rex gets to take you again.  At first you say no, and ask for something else.  He says, Rex has been horny since they left, and you are the only thing he wants.  Still, you say no.  Then, your ex gets back on his phone and starts naming people he'll send the video to.  You then agree to let Rex fuck you again. You move to the bedroom, and start to remove all your cloths.  Your ex tells you to lay on the bed and open your legs.  You do, and Rex waste no time mounting you. You protest saying it's gross but then start getting into it and you moan. Your ex starts to tease you saying you are enjoying it. You deny it and are disgusted with yourself that he is right. You just want your ex and his dog out of your house! You tell Rex to cum already and he does deep inside you pussy. You then tell them to leave and he says Rex is still hard. So you take care of him with a hand job untill his balls are completely empty. Your ex then informs you that he won't delete the recording until you come over to his place to meet his new horse. You realize that fucking Rex is just the beginning of your ex blackmailing you
Blackmail Fantasy, Creampie, Handjobs, Pet Play