Emmas Secret Life - Shrinking powder- HD

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I went out to dinner with this guy. He was very respectful and sweet through out our date so when he asked if I would like to go back to his place for a nightcap I was totally up for it. As soon as we got to his house he got this gleam in his eye and my gut was telling me to run. I make an excuse and tell him I changed my mind and forgot that I have to get to work early and I am really tired. I can see that this angers him then he reaches in his pocket and blows some powder on me. All of a sudden it looks like he is growing but to my shock I realize I am shrinking. "What did you do to me? How did you do this?" I ask. He just laughs. "Look, this isn't funny. Turn me back to normal size" I demand. He tells me he wants to have some fun. He orders me to strip. I protest but it is helpless. I just want to be back to my original size so I do it. He then orders me to dance and masturbate until I cum. This is so humiliating. Once I catch my breath after cumming I beg him to turn me back but he said he is going to keep me as his little plaything.
Shrinking Fetish, Strip Tease, Embarrassed Naked Female, Solo masturbation