Emmas Secret Life - Teasing you in my thigh high socks - HD

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This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at [email protected] or send me a PM) Here's a list of details for reference that I would love to see out of the video: 1. The thigh high socks are the highlight of the show for me, major turn on! 2. Start out by teasing me holding up your entire collection of socks that will be modeled for the video, tell me you know how much thigh high socks turn me on and you can't wait to show them off. 3. Proceed to put on each pair one after another and model them for me, pulling them up as high as you can. Do some teasing with the length on occasion by scrunching them down and pulling them back up again. 4. Talk about the socks, how you love to wear them to turn guys on and that is what turns you on. Maybe tell a fake story (or real) about how you wore them out to the mall or something and loved all the stares you got. Talk about how you love making other women jealous by wearing them, how you have the perfect body and legs for them. 5. Put on your black converse shoes for a couple of them and model them with the socks (doesn't have to be for each pair, just a couple), and talk about how much cuter they look with them. (I have a slight converse fetish as well) 6. The rest of your outfit I would love to see be a sporty look (short shorts and like a baseball tee, something you would wear to a sports event perhaps) 7. Full body shot hopefully for the entire video (you can utilize a chair for putting them and the shoes on), you can switch up between sitting and standing 8. Rub your hands up and down your socked legs throughout the video That's about it. Hopefully not too much for you in 10 minutes. Like you said, this is a pretty tame fetish of mine and doesn't involve any sexual acts. I just got very excited to see a model that owned so many sexy pairs of thigh highs and has the GREATEST legs I've seen for them
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