FifiFoxxFantasies - Mom & Son Share Bed - Mom Fucks Son POV

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**This clip includes: Leilani Lei, POV, mom/son, mom and son share a bed, you start jerking off while mom is sle3ping, mom wakes up to the bed moving, she catches you doing it again, offers to help you so that she can get some rest, virtual handjob, when her hand doens't get you off, she offers her mouth, virtual blowjob, that doesn't work either, offers her pussy, virtual sex, fucking, missionary, moaning, mature, older woman, younger man, cougar, mother, MILF, petite, small tits, momma's boy, POV sex** Earlier in the day, Mom had you pack an overnight bag for Grandma's house. The two of you headed out, spent the day with Grandma, and when night time came, headed to the guest room where you usually stayed. After Mom fell sle3p, you started taking care of some "business" - something you did every night. You thought you were being quiet, but the movement from the bed woke Mom up. "Honey, what are you doing over there?" she asked with narrow, exhausted eyes. "Just go to sl3ep, will you? Mommy's tired." Thankfully the blanket was close so you were able to jerk it up before she could see what you were doing. Mom turned back over, closed her eyes, and you were at it again. "Son, what are you doing?" she asked irritated. This time she turned completely around and saw your erection. "Really? I can't believe you're jerking off," Mom said with a shocked face. "Just stop and go to sle3p. I understand we have to share a bed, but go to the bathroom or something." She turned back around, but you couldn't stop. Mom was desperate to rest, to go to sl3ep...that she offered to help you out. "Maybe a different hand will get you to cum," she said. "I'm willing to try it if you are." Of course that sounded odd to you - your MOM touch THAT kinda way? But on the other hand, maybe she could help you get rid of your erection. Mom wrapped her hand around your cock and started stroking. "Does that feel good?" she asked trying her best to get you off. After a couple of minutes of jerking and no result, not even when she used both hands at the same time, she realized you weren't going to cum that way. "Son, this isn't working - I mean, you've been doing this for how long? Is this a nightly ritual with you?" she asked. She was still exhausted, desperate for rest, so she suggested something else - her mouth. "Mommy needs some sl33p, so how about a nice, wet mouth? I'll even let you cum in my mouth," she said sweetly. It felt incredible - her warm, juicy, wet mouth wrapped around your hard cock, but for some reason, you still couldn't cum. Maybe this whole thing was too weird for you, too different...I mean, Mom was Mom after all. Once she realized that wasn't going to work, she had one thing left that she knew would get you to cum - her pussy. "Yeah, I'm offering you my vagina, son," she said, her voice soft and worn out. "So, I just want you to fuck me, okay?"
Mature, MILF, Older Woman / Younger Man ., Taboo, Virtual Sex