Ginary - 2Giantess Eat Tiny People Off Each Other

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Alice Merchesi and Blair Blackheart lay in the bed of the hotel room, and start to talk about how there is something wrong with it. The girls talk about how they feel itchy and feel bugs on them. Blair and Alice get up to check for bugs, and Alice finds a tiny person on Blair. Alice is really confused, and Blair finds another tiny person in her belly button. They try to figure out what to do with Blair shoves one in her mouth. Blair tells Alice they taste really good, and Alice eats one that she finds. Alice starts to find them all over her and in her bra, and Blair eats them. The girls find tiny people in their pussy, and they eat them off each other's bodies and pussy. Blair and Alice eat all the tiny people on them...then go searching for more. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Alice or Blair? Email us today.)
body kissing, giantess, licking, mouth fetish, vore