Ginary - 3 Giantess Goddesses Domme You

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You crawl around on the floor as Nyssa, Aaliyah, and Paris come in from a long shopping trip. You try to crawl up their legs, but they scratch you off... and you fall down. The girls show off what they got at the store, while you try to crawl up to get a closer look. Nyssa, Aaliyah, and Paris try on clothes as you try to watch without getting stepped on.  They notice you on the floor, and decide to tease you. The girls throw their clothes on you...laughing as they squish you. They threaten to step on you, and sit on you. The Giant Goddesses decide to give you break, and play with you. They let you crawl on them, and decide to keep you. Nyssa, Aaliyah, and Paris stuff you in their shopping bag, and take you with them. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Aaliyah, Nyssa, or Paris? Email us today.)
asian goddess, ebony goddess, femdom pov, giantess, tease & denial