Ginary - 3 Girl Overall Wedgie Party

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Whitney Morgan, Lydia Black and Loosey Lu are out back in their overalls throwing back drinks when they decide to turn things into a wedgie party. They pull Lydia out into the grass by her overalls and drag her around giving her a massive denim wedgie. Loosey straddles Lydia and begins rubbing Lydia’s pussy through her pants. Then Whitney grabs Loosey by the overall straps and pulls her backward off Lydia. The girls drag Loosey around through the grass then bend her over the trampoline. Whitney climbs on top of the trampoline grabbing Loosey’s straps and yanking her overalls far up her ass and pussy. Lydia grabs a broom and wedgies in Loosey’s ass crack wedging her more. Lydia spanks Loosey’s ass and rubs her denim covered crotch. Then Whitney grabs Lydia by the straps and wedgies her from on top of the trampoline. Loosey grabs the front of Lydia’s overalls and the pair lift her off the ground by her wedgie. The girls flip Lyda over and bend her over the trampoline. Whitney continues the wedgie while Loosey pulls a dildo out of her pocket and pokes Lydia’s pussy and ass with it. Loosey fucks Lydia’s wedgie until she cums. Lydia grabs Whitney’s ankles tripping her on the trampoline but Whitney still refuse to let go of Lydia’s overalls. Loosey joins them on the trampoline as they tag team wedgie and grope Whitney to orgasm. The girls contuse to play and wedgie each other then get a brilliant idea. Whitney helps the other two girls hook their overall straps over the fence then she take their chairs away leaving them to dangle from their wedgies while she gets another beverage. (Custom clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Whitney, Loosey, or Lydia? Email us today.)
games, jeans fetish, outdoors, overalls, wedgies