Ginary - 3 Gril Smell & Lick Orgy

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The work day has come to an end and MJ comes to Lisa Harlott’s office to invite her out for drinks. She immediately notices an pungent smell which Lisa thinks might be her feet. MJ sniffs Lisa’s pantyhose covered feet in search of the oder just as Selena Kyle enters. She question what the girls are up to and Lisa explains they are looking for the cause of the smell and enlist Selena’s help. Selena thinks it may be her underarms as she has been sweating all day. The girls admit they have all been hot and sweaty all say and wonder if the air conditioner is broke. MJ and Lisa sniff Selena’s armpits and then her feet. They agree they stink but find themselves drawn to the musky sent as they begin to lick her feet and armpits. Next they strip down Lisa and MJ to sniff and lick their armpits. Selena takes off MJ’s shoes so they can sniff and lick her feet as well. Lisa takes off her pantyhose and passes them around to be smelled. She proclaims herself queen of the stinky as MJ and Selena smell and lick all over her soles and toes. Lisa thinks maybe its MJ’s ass that smells and they strip off her skirt and bend her over so her and Selena can take deep sniffs. Next they smell and lick Selena’s ass followed by Lisa’s. The trio get more and more excited by their body oder orgy and begin to play with themselves as Selena sniffs Lisa’s foot and MJ sniffs her armpits. The trio all cum hard then decide they need those after work drinks more then ever. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip? Email us today.)
armpits, ass licking, foot smelling, lesbians, smell fetish