Ginary - Aaliyah Seduces Student 2 Shrink Husband

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Aaliyah Taylor wanted to get rid of her husband so she seduced one of her students to help. She convinced scientific whiz Tristan Sweet to develop a shrink-ray and he used in to shrink her husband down to mere inches. He presents Aaliyah with a gift of her shrunken husband and she couldn’t be happier. She scoops the terrified little man up and devises ways to torment him. Aaliyah encourages young Tristan to humiliate her shrunken husband with his cock and balls. Then Tristan suffocates the little man in Aaliyah’s pussy. She has Tristan lick her pussy juices off her pathetic shrunken husband and shove his tiny head up her asshole. The couple continue to lick and humiliate Aaliyah’t tiny husband then decide to ride themselves of all evidence of him by having Tristan eat him whole. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip? Email us today.
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