Ginary - Akira & Nikki Sexy Tickle Fight

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Akira Shell and Nikki Brooks sit and do each other's feet, and Nikki starts to giggle as Akira buffs her toes. Nikki tells Akira she is ticklish, and Akira takes advantage of that. Nikki takes her file and tickles Akira in-between her toes. Akira squirms and tells Nikki she's not ticklish. The girls take each other's feet, pin them down, and tickle them. Nikki and Akira both move to the bed, and tickle each other all over while they squirm on the bed. They start to strip their clothes and tickle each other. Nikki and Akira strip naked and tickle each other until they cant take it anymore. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Akira or Nikki? Email us today.)
cat fight/ catball, cat fighting, foot tickling, tickle armpits, tickling