Ginary - Alice Merchesi's Sexy Tiny Feet - PART 2

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Part 2 of 3… Alice Merchesi walks up to the door and wipes her feet on the doormat. She walks inside and meets with Nikki Brooks - ready to start her first day at work. Nikki tells Alice to fix the napkins and silverware and to put her shoes on before the customers get there. Alice isn't happy about wearing her shoes...but she pulls them out and puts them on. She sits and does her work while playing with her feet in her shoes. A customer comes in and Alice gets her seated. After taking her order...Alice stands back and plays with her feet in her shoes again. When she's finished with her first customer, Alice cleans up and takes her shoes off as she's cleaning. Another customer comes in (Nikki) and Alice seats her and takes her order. Alice plays with her feet in her shoes as she serves the customer. After Alice finishes her shift - she sits in the booth and plays with her feet while she counts her money. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Alice or Nikki? Email us today.)
dangling, foot fetish, foot play, midgets, shoe fetish