Ginary - Amazon Blind Date With Short Man

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Vanessa Rain is meeting Tony Dinozzo for their first date but Tony is running late. She waits patiently sitting on Tony’s couch for him to arrive home. When Tony comes in she stands to greet him and both are shocked by the enormous height difference. Vanessa hold her arms out while Tony walks under them with out even having to duck. Tony claims that is must be the high heels Vanessa is wearing that makes her tower over him. She removes her shoes but he is still only shoulder high to the Amazon. The two compare hand size then Vanessa tries lifting Tony who is heavier then he looks. Vanessa pulls out a chair and standing on it Tony is only slightly taller. Vanessa tries getting on her knees to be shorter then Tony but he likes her better tall. She puts her heels back on and the couple practice dancing together. Tony enjoys slow dancing with Vanessa since he is eye level with her boobs. The couple decide they enjoy their hight difference and can’t wait to make everyone stare. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Vanessa or Tony? Email us today.)
amazons, body part comparison, height humiliation, tall women