Ginary - Amazon Vanessa & Orias Lift & Carry Date

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Orias and Vanessa Rainn hit it off so well on their first date that Orias suggested they skip the movie and go back to her house. She kicks off her heel making it even more apparent how much shorter she is compared to her sexy amazon date. Both girls are excited about their height difference as they compare. Vanessa bends far over to kiss her petite date and suggest she stand on a stool to reach. She is turned on by how tiny Orias is and easily lifts her up. Orias loves feeling so high up off the ground and ask Vanessa to carry her around. Vanessa cradles Orias kissing her as she carries her around. The girls try reversing roles with Vanessa down on her knees and Orias standing on the stool so she can be the tall one. Next Vanessa puts Orias up on her shoulders and walks her around her living room. The girls kiss some more and strip each others dresses off. The girls continue kissing as Vanessa carries Orias around the living room in search for the bedroom (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Vanessa or Orias? Email us today.)
amazons, body part comparison, lift & carry, petite, tall women