Ginary - Ashlynn & Sadie Find Little Men In Bed

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Ashlynn Taylor and Sadie Holmes are in bed kissing when the feel something crawling around in their bed. The girls are shocked and angry wondering if they are some sort of government spies or just perverts. Either way the girl are going to punish their little intruders. Sadie smothers one in her tits while Ashlynn licks the other like a lollipop. Then the girls squish the little men in their asses. Sadie sides one of the guys head first into her pussy until he completely disappears. She shoves his buddy half way in Ashlynn grabs him to see if he can get her off. Sadie imposes on him to reach into Ashlynn’s pussy but his arms are to tiny to even reach her g-spot. Ashlyn shoves his head in her pussy enjoying the struggle as he tries to kick free. Sadie’s guy has stoped struggling in her pussy so she fishes him out to see if he is still alive. She laughs at how creamy he is after drowning in her pussy juices. They take the last living victim and crush him between their pussies as they scissor each other. The girls cum hard form tribbing then Sadie devours her prey whole. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Ashlynn or Sadie? Email us today.)
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