Ginary - Backyard Hair Washing w/ Nikki & Ashlynn

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Nikki Brooks has been caring for her sister Ashlynn Taylor and now to reward her for completing her physical therapy Nikki has brought her in the back yard to wash her hair. She wets Ashlynn’s hair with the garden hose then massages lots of shampoo in. Nikki works up and thick lather in Ashlynn’s long locks then hands the hose to Ashlynn. Nikki bends over in front of Ashlynn so Ashlynn can wet her sisters hair. Ashlynn uses lots of shampoo on Nikki to make a thick sudsy lather in Nikki’s hair. Once both girls have thoroughly shampoo’d each others hair Nikki begins to rinse them both with the hose. The sisters squeeze out their lather to soap up each others bodies as they kiss. ( Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip? Email us today.)
hair washing, nudity/naked, outdoors, public nudity