Ginary - Better Dancing Through Tickling

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Enchantress Sahrye is frustrated that she never gets hit on when she goes out with her friends because she is the only one who can’t dance. She has come to Nikki Brooks to help her. Nikki asks to see Sahrye’s moves and is horrified by just how awkward poor Sahrye is. Sahrye takes off her heels to try again but is equally terrible. Nikki suggest they start with some exercises to loosen up her feet. The girls put their pantyhose coved feet up on the coffee table to stretch and wiggle them. The exercises do not help so Nikki leads Sahrye to the next room for more intensive training. Sahrye is gagged with her arms strapped above her head and her pantyhose covered feet in stocks for her next lesson. Nikki uses tickling to train Sahrye’s feet to do what she wants. Sahrye laughs hysterically as Nikki uses her bare hands and long nails to tickle Sahryes feet. Next Nikki pulls out a variety of paint brushes and an electric toothbrush to tickle Sahrye’s pantyhose coved feet. Nikki begins to work her way up Sahryes body, using fingers and brushes to tickle her thighs, belly, and sides. The gag does little to muffle Sahrye’s screams of laughter as Nikki moves back to her feet with a hairbrush. She finishes with barehand tickling on Sahrye’s pantyhosed feet then its time to see how the training worked. Sahrye shows marked improvement in her dancing and Nikki tells her with more intense training she will be turning all the boys heads soon enough. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Sahrye or Nikki? Email us today.)
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