Ginary - Dustin Steele Beats Up Joey Dove

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Dustin Steele and Joey Dove are ready for a fight. They circle each other for a bit then Joey swings and misses. He receives a gut wrenching punch that sends him to the floor. Dustin picks Joey up only to punch him in the stomach again. Joey doubles over but Dustin stands him back up to punch him again. After several punches Joey falls to the floor. Dustin picks him up and begins kneeing Joey in the gut. Joey doubles over clutching his stomach on to have Dustin push him up and knee him again. When Joey falls to the ground again Dustin kicks him then puts him over his knee for a few humiliating spankings. He pushes Joey against the wall and continues with punches and knees to the gut until Joey falls to the floor one last time. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip? Email us today.)
bare-fisted fighting, beatdowns, gay, real fights