Ginary - Farting Magic-Gia Love & Selena Kyle 1/3

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part 1 of 3 Gia Love is quit happy to meet with new hire Selena Kyle. When Selena bends over giving Gia an eyeful of her beautiful butt Gia can’t resist groping and kissing it. She make s a point of showing off her own ass when retreating Selena’s file and Selena returns the attention. Everything is going well until Selena corrects Gia that she is not being brought in as an underling but rather a senior employee and Gia’s equal. Angered, Gia raises her hands and uses her special gift to make Selena fart uncontrollably. Selena has a few tricks up her sleeve and spins around aiming her fart directly at Gia. Gia immediately drops to her knees and to worship Selena’s farting ass. She covers Selena’s rump in kisses and raspberries then shakes herself free. Gia asserts, once again, that she is the boss but Selena isn’t done yet. She raises her arms and uses the same magic as Gia is made to fart. Gia figures turn about is fair play and turns her farting ass in Selena’s direction. Selena drops to the floor and enthusiastically worships Gia’s butt. Selena stands up and kisses Gia claiming a tie by Gia is stubborn. She refuses to except a draw and insists on a battle of wills. She presents Selena with her farting ass and attempts to mesmerize her with it. Selena happily sniffs, licks, spanks, kisses and raspberries Gia’s round rump. Ginary is confident she has made Selena her slave but to her surprise Selena still claims herself a boss. …coming soon Selena gets her chance to enslave Gia and both girls unveil their secret weapons. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Gia or Selena? Email us today.) *all farting is simulated
ass sniffing, ass worship, farting, mesmerize, office domination